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                  [Summer School] 2018 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School

                  Posted: 2018-03-19   Visits: 2455

                  Introduction: Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xiamen University (IPRI) is a key teaching and research base for intellectual property law and knowledge managementin China.With the goal to promote academic exchange and international cooperation in the field of intellectual property law, the IPRI, under the auspice of Chinas State Intellectual Property Office, will hold the 2018 Xiamen University Intellectual Property Summer School in July in the popular and fascinating Xiamen campus.

                  The Summer School will invite highly qualified legal professionals and renowned IP experts to impart their first-hand experience and insights. Additionally, site visits in well-known enterprises, staying with local Chinese families, as well as other special activities provided will bring you better understanding of Chinese culture and IP law in China.

                  1. Schedule

                  9 July, 2018-19 July, 2018

                  (1) Registration: 9 July (9:00-19:00), Xiamen University;

                  (2) Lectures and Group Discussion: 10 July – 15 July, Xiamen University;

                  (3) Experiencing China: 16 July – 19 July, staying with local Chinese families.

                  2. Requirements of applicants 

                  (1) Students at all levels (PhD, masters and bachelors) majoring in law, economics and management. These who have background knowledge on intellectual property law or management are preferred;

                  (2) Scholars and practitioners specialized on intellectual property law and knowledge management.

                  3. Scholarship

                  The 1st Grade Scholarship will cover: travel expenses (up to RMB 5000) and food and accommodation (9 July 2018 – 19 July 2018);

                  The 2nd Grade Scholarship will cover: the food and accommodation (9 July 2018 – 19 July 2018).

                  4. Application materials

                  (1) “2018 XMU IPRI Summer School Application Form” ( 2018XMUIPRISummerSchoolApplicationForm.docx );

                  (2) Applicant’s CV, including certification of competition awards and honors; scientific achievements, published or not are both accepted; other materials conducive to prove yourself;

                  The applicants should submit these application materials to ip@xmu.edu.cn before April 30, 2018.

                  5.Speakers (to be confirmed)

                  CHUNG Jili, Vice president, Group General Counsel, Xiamen TPK Touch Solution Inc.

                  CUI Guobin, Associate professor of the School of Law, Tsinghua Unversity.

                  FENG Zhenyu, Professor, Taiwan's National Chengchi University.

                  HUANG Wushuang, Professor, East China University of politics and law.

                  LI Mingde, Professor, Director of Intellectual Property Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

                  LIN Xiuqin, Professor, Dean of IPRI, Xiamen University.

                  LIU Kongzhong, Professor of Institute of Science and Law, Taiwan Tsinghua University.

                  SENFTLEBEN Martin, Professor, Vrije University Amsterdam, Holland.

                  Senior judge, China Intellectual Property Court (Division).

                  SPYROS Maniatis, Professor, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

                  HSIUNG Sung-Mei, Judge of Taiwan Intellectual Property Court.

                  YU Peter, Professor, Center for Law and Intellectual Property of Texas A&M University School of Law, U.S.

                  ZHOU Huasong, President of Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd.

                  6. Lecture Topics (to be confirmed)

                  The theme: “AI, ‘The Belt and Road’ and Intellectual Property Law Developement”, which dividing into three sections “Big Data and Intellectual Property”, “AI and Intellectual Property” and “Intellectual Property Legal Risk Management under ‘the Belt and Road’ Background”.


                  Executive Secretary: Carolin (CAO Lin);

                  Tel/Fax: +86 (0)595-2182729;

                  Email: ip@xmu.edu.cn

                  For more information, please click here: 


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